FortressCraft Unity - Other Wordly
FortressCraft Unity - Village Prefabs
FortressCraft Unity - Laser Drill Building
FortressCraft Unity - Improved Draw Distance

Welcome to FortressCraft, the indie sensation voxel game that allows you to build to the limits of your wildest imagination!

FortressCraft News!

FortressCraft Vlog Update

Join DJArcas and Izzard as they check out the newest build of FortressCraft on Steam. Get a sneak peek at the latest updates and added functionality such as weather, SuperBuild, Copy/Paste, Workshop and our brand new UI. FortressCraft is due out on Steam before end of year, stay tuned for more information.

FortressCraft Goes 64bit

One of the great new features cooking for FortressCraft on Steam is the optional 64bit mode which will offer builders a largely enhanced draw distance, making it the farthest frustrum available in any voxel title. Check out this new video from DJArcas highlighting the new mode and the unmatched draw distance.

Oculus Rift Support in FC:U

Get a first peek at Oculus Rift support in the new alpha build FortressCraft:Unity.  DJArcas demonstrates in this short video what things look like with Oculus support ready to go.  More 3D info coming soon, be sure to follow the developers as they continue to add in new features for our next release!

FortressCraft – The Next Generation

Chapter 1 was a great success, but where will FortressCraft end up in the battle of next gen hardware? Read the latest blog from creator DJArcas on the future of FortressCraft on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam and beyond, and stay tuned for more updates on the new, robust Unity platform as we add new features.

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