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Feature Roadmap

What It All Means

What is FortressCraft?

At its heart, FortressCraft is a sandbox voxel game. But unlike so many generic voxel games out there, FortressCraft has an identity. We give the player the best creative toolset in existence in order to allow them the freedom to build what is in their imagination.

FortressCraft already had its first edition on the Xbox as one of the most successful Xbox Live Indie Games ever, but with the next generation of consoles debuting, FortressCraft can now move beyond that, fully supporting the vast range of power available on next-gen consoles, taking advantage of social integration and advance the Voxgame genre. It has the biggest world ever seen in a video game, state of the art rendering technology, and is based on the world-class Unity platform.

Planned Features for FortressCraft on Steam

• Vast world depth and size – literally quintillions of times bigger than Minecraft.
• Custom object design and design sharing on steam workshop.
• Design your own custom blocks using the in game workshop.
• Multiple world generation features ensure your world is unique from the get go.
• Multiplayer with dedicated servers.
• Minigames that can be played in creative worlds such as Spleef and Tag.
• Collaborative building and editing tools, with extensive, inbuilt rights management, geared towards team, clan and group play.
• A dedicated focus on empowering the player to create and share their unique and highly detailed worlds.
• Encouragement and rewards are given to the player for sharing their creation with others.
• Simple to use and hugely flexible logic circuits allow LittleBigPlanet/Redstone style complex creations.
• Oculus Rift, Eyefinity and Hydravision support.

And much, much more!