FortressCraft Evolved – Steam Edition

•Unable to start the game or errors during gameplay.

Often times verifying the game cache files can fix these types of errors. We recommend following the Steam FAQ found here to see if this fixes your problem first before you do further troubleshooting.

•Unable to start the game in 64 bit mode with error code 126 regarding mono.dll?

Thank you Steam user ATU for locating a quick fix for his problem – resolve the issue by downloading and installing Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable package (X64) from here –

•Can I upload videos and monetize them on YouTube?

Absolutely! We encourage players to do just that and thank you for taking the time to create media showcasing the game’s content.

•First Step Suggestions

Check out the newly added tutorial section of the site to get tips and how tos for using the various features of the game. Updated frequently as the game progresses.

•Can I support the Development of New Features?

Absolutely, we have set up a site at Patreon for anyone who wishes to contribute to our continued development and also earn some bonuses for doing so. We want to give back to our supporters so we are creating a special Patreon DLC pack for our contributors as well as other rewards.

•I can’t figure out the controls in game, where is a list of the commands?

While in game, press ‘H’ at any time to bring up the control help screen. Most of the commands available are listed there, further instructions for advanced modes will be on screen when those modes become activated. Some modes are currently works in progress and are not feature complete.

•Is there Xbox 360 Controller support for FortressCraft Evolved?

We plan on adding some added pad support in the near future, however all game functions will not be possible via an Xbox or other PC style controller. Many of the games menus require point and click mouse control an keyboard shortcuts, so likely we will only be building basic movement and building support for the controller.

•There was an error in the game, and I’d like to submit my log file for development.
Where can I find it?

To find the source folder for your game, right click on FortressCraft Evolved, you can select Properties, then Local Files, then Browse Local Files. From the Explorer window, you can then enter FortressCraft_Data\output_log.txt or FC_64_Data\ouput_log.txt

Xbox 360 Version FAQ

•How do I access some of the special ‘console’ commands?

While in game with a keyboard connected, press the left ‘shift’ key to bring up the console command window.

•How can I change the maximum number of players in my world?

You can use the ‘SetMaxPlayers’ command in the console to change the number of players. The absolute maximum is 32 players, but depending on your network connection having a lot of players might make things slow.

•You mentioned the current release as Chapter 1, what is the chapter system about?

The plan is to release FortressCraft in chapters, each 240MSP (roughly $3), on the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) store. We currently have definite plans for four chapters, and slightly more vague ideas for a few more! As above, if you have any ideas for features you would like to see in FortressCraft please let us know and I’ll try my best to include them!

•So your plans only include the Xbox 360 so far? What about for those of us who can’t access XBLIG in our countries, or don’t have an Xbox?!

Initially FortressCraft will only be available on XBLIG, however we are looking at PC distribution methods. If we can get distribution sorted for FortessCraft on the PC it will probably be more along the lines of “pay $X and you get all updates ever”. We are also looking at the next generation consoles, XOne and PS4 as possible channels for release.

•Is FortressCraft coming to other platforms? PC, OnLive?

We are working towards releasing FortressCraft via OnLive and then on PC via Steam, so YES these versions are in the works. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for ongoing information.

•My SteamHeroes code doesn’t work in FortressCraft

Please make sure you follow the instructions given in SteamHeroes to letter (literally). We have yet to have a code that genuinely doesn’t work. We know it’s a bit fiddly, but please keep trying.

Workshop Tutorial

Creating a Workshop

Creating detail blocks is a large portion of what FortressCraft is all about, but where do you get started? You can craft many things with the 150 or so blocks that are in the game, but if you want to get greater detail, the first thing to do is build a workshop. Within workshops you can create new blocks, set their size ratio, tag them for easy lookup and store them to hotbars for later use. Lets build a workshop!

To create your workshop, you must first select the “workshop Placement” block, either by filtering for it and assigning it to a hotkey or by using your middle mouse wheel to scroll to it. Place the first block down, then place the second block diagonally from it. The workshop block can be 1 to 7 blocks away, the largest being an 8×8 workshop. The workshop blocks must be on the same plane. The workshop will automatically create. You can create unlimited workshops.

Creating Detail Blocks

If you are used to FortressCraft on the xbox, the term ‘custom’ blocks were used to describe what is now termed ‘detail blocks’. Detail blocks will make up the majority of any good builders toolset to create vast and amazing designs!

Once inside your newly built workshop, you should note that three sides are of black blocks, and one side is wooden. The wooden side points north and marks the front view of your detail block. You will know you are inside the workshop when the outside edges are sparkling.

Once you have built your detailed block, simply exit. You can now scroll through your wheel, and you will be able to find it now in your wheel. Detailed blocks show up after the workshop block, and before the grass block and can be further customized via the behaviors and details menus at the top of the screen when inside the workshop.